LET THE TRUTH HOWL IN YOUR EARS [фанмикс на Сафию] Слушать

"By almost any standard, Safiya would be considered beautiful - golden-skinned, her features delicate, with dark, almond-shaped eyes. Yet her bald head and graceful tattoos mark her as a Red Wizard of Thay, and for this, most outside her homeland would regard her with fear. Her smiles are shy, when they appear, as if she is unused to them - but you sense a resilience beneath, born of an unforgiving land…"

Adam Hurst Ritual

Billie Holiday Strange Fruit
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root

Karen Elson The Truth is In the Dirt
Here she comes, it’s killing time / Flames are burning behind her eyes / The truth is in the dirt on the ground / Not in your claws, drawn-out scratch ‘til it bleed / knocked down dead gets what she needs

Chvrches Science and Vision
A mind full of questions / A current to purify / Science and vision / Be near when I call your name / Or ask me a question

Johnny Hollow Alchemy

MS MR Hurricane
So dark and foul I can’t disguise / Can’t disguise / Nights like this I become afraid / Of the darkness in my heart

Kings Of Leon Closer
Do you think of me? / Where am I now, baby where do I sleep? / Feels so good but I’m old / 2000 years of chasing takin’ its toll

Tunng Mother’s Daughter
Red girl picture was broken / Stand in the glass the angel’s in motion / White swan watch with a wry smile / Raise up your wings for the / Wind and the last mile

Amon Tobin Bloodstone

Saint Saviour This Ain’t No Hymn
I’ll follow someone that I can see / I’ll worship someone that I can be / ’Cause it depends on you and you alone / Whether you do, whether you don’t / Don’t believe in more than flesh and bone

Birdy Terrible Love
And I won’t follow you / Into the rabbit hole / I said I would / But then I saw / Your shivered bones / They didn’t want me to

Woodkid Ghost Lights
How could you be the one if you’re not the same / If in the hands of gods you have lost your way

Florence And The Machine Cosmic Love
And in the dark, I can hear your heartbeat / I tried to find the sound / But then it stopped, and I was in the darkness, / So darkness I became

Obsidian Akachi’s Theme

The Dandy Warhols Nietzsche
I want a God who stays dead, not plays dead. / I, even I, can play dead


I am changed, of course | [фанмикс на Ганнаева] Слушать

"Tall and ruggedly handsome, Gann wears a sarcastic half-smile and affects an air of casual indifference. His skin has a faintly blue or violet cast… a legacy of the night hag who was his mother. Unlike other hagspawn - men born of a human father and a hag mother - Gann’s face is neither brutish nor ill-favored… but the Rashemi still treat him with a good deal of suspicion."

Jocelyn Pook - Dionysus | Emily Wells - Mamas Gonna Give You Love | Patrick Watson - Where The Wild Things Are | Woodkid - Run Boy Run | Radical Face - The Crooked Kind | Dead Can Dance - Yulunga (Spirit Dance) | Patrick Wolf - Tristan | Anna Calvi - Sing To Me |The Atomic Fireballs - Man With The Hex | Gogol Bordello - Wanderlust King | Sainkho Namtchylak & Djivan Gasparyan - Naked Spirit | Glass Animals - Toes | Patrick Wolf - The Bachelor | Rebekka Karijord - The Noble Art Of Letting Go | Dharohar Project, Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons - To Darkness Kripa

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